NEWS1 June 2010

Research Magazine Award for Best Innovation

Each year sees new developments and initiatives which have the potential to redefine the way we view the industry.This award – new for 2010 – is intended to single out the individual or company, that has pioneered the product, service, process or initiative that can genuinely be hailed an innovation for the industry. The winning innovation will increase the value of market or social research to clients and make a measurable difference to their success.

Who should apply?

Anyone working in the market research arena who can demonstrate that real innovation in their work, working practice or methodology during the 12 months running up to 01 July 2010.

What will the judges be looking for?

Depending on the nature of the submission (individual or company, product, process, technique or service) the judges will consider the following when judging entries:

  • innovation and creative thinking – why is what you have done innovative?  How does is differ from anything that has gone before?
  • establishment of a new product, process or technique (or development of an existing one) which extends the limits of current thinking or the way that we work
  • creation of a new business unit, product, process or service which looks beyond traditional research boundaries
  • work or activity from an individual or organisation that has prompted an industry step change
  • bottom-line results based on this innovation

An indication of the impact that the innovation will have and how it is set to challenge and change the industry in the future.

How to apply

Only email applications in the required format will be considered for this award.

  • Download and complete the Word document Best Innovation 2010 Entry and Submission Forms – these two forms will constitute your award application.
  • Keep a copy of both forms for your records – including the Rules of Entry for this award.
  • Send your two forms as attachments in an email with Best Innovation 2010 Entryin the subject line to
  • Your entry must reach us by 5 pm on Tuesday 27 July 2010.
  • We will invoice you for the entry fee once your application has been processed. 

Submission Format

Basis of submission: 500 words (max) Statement supporting your case plus specific additional information.

The key is the innovation itself – how it was achieved, the challenges it meets and the potential impact that it could have on the future direction of the research industry and beyond.

In addition to your Statement:

  • Entries from individuals: you may also include up to three short ( 100 words max) anecdotes from clients or senior manager to support your case.
  • Entries from a company/organisation:  in addition to your Statement you must specify:
    • date of incorporation (in the case of a business entry)
    • numbers employed (split between executive and support staff)
    • fees and profit data for two years (where possible)

Rules of entry – Best Innovation 2010

  • All entries must be emailed using the relevant Word document Entry and Submission Forms, to reach MRS by 5pm on Tuesday 27 July 2010.  No extensions will be granted.
  • The ‘innovation’ must have been made during the 12 months running up to 01 July 2010.
  • Your entry will be judged on the merits of the case you make on the Submission Form.
  • You must nominate a primary contact on your Entry Form who will take overall responsibility for the entry.
  • The primary contact must ensure that permission to enter the Awards is obtained from all parties involved in the submission.
  • Entries must not overtly ‘sell’ any organisation. Company logos are acceptable.
  • The judges’ decisions are final and the Panel will not enter into correspondence about them.
  • Submission content will remain confidential to the Judging Panels and Research Magazine; specific permission to publish any information at a later date will always be sought from the entrants.

There is an entry fee for this award. You will be invoiced once your entry has been processed. Failure to pay by 01 September 2010 will cancel your application.

One ticket to the Research Awards Dinner in December will be allocated per shortlisted entry. Additional tickets can be purchased nearer the time at the standard advertised price.

Hints from the judging panel

Ask yourself is it really an innovation or just incremental change? We are looking for something that has – or has the potential - to really shake up the market.  Innovation is crucial for the research industry moving forward and something that users of research and insight are always on the look out for.  This highly coveted award will help to position your organisation at the forefront of current thinking and practice.