NEWS5 June 2013

Research firm’s ethnographies turned into documentary

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CANADA — The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) is to premier a documentary about fatherhood based on ethnographies produced by the film division of qualitative anthropological research consultancy The Sound Research.

The documentary, Dads…, will premier on Father’s Day and follows seven dads in New York, London and Vancouver as they give their first hand experience of fatherhood.

Directed by head of The Sound Films Dave Rees, the first-hand accounts – otherwise known as ethnographies – aims to give a more intimate profile than if followed by film crews, allowing viewers to be aware of each man’s thought processes and observations on finding himself as a dad.

The Sound Films’ original intention for the ethnographies was as anthropological findings for its report Meninists that examined contemporary men and their 21st Century freedom to celebrate what it truly means to be a man.

Ian Pierpoint, Dads… creator and president of The Sound Research said: “Each subject’s individual footage was compelling and supported common themes we’d been identifying and tracking. But stitched together, they tell a wonderful, sentimental story about the fatherhood happening now around us.”

  • Produced in association with Tabula Dada Productions, CBC and documentary channel, Dads… will premier on CBC Sunday 16 June at 9/9.30 NT with subsequent showings on documentary channel – 17 June 17 at 9pm ET and the CBC News Network – 22 June at 7pm ET, Sunday and 23 June at 11pm ET.
  • The trailer can be seen here.