NEWS23 August 2023

Research businesses urged to take part in census consultation

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UK – The MRS Census and GeoDems Group (CGG) has called on the sector to participate in an Office for National Statistics (ONS) consultation on the future of the census.

person completing a paper survey questionnaire

The ONS is seeking views on its plans to change the way it produces population and migration statistics in England and Wales.

The proposals involve using administrative data, such as tax or benefit data, more extensively, in tandem with survey data and a wider range of data sources. The consultation runs until 26th October.

Established in 1989, the CGG is part of the Market Research Society (MRS) and exists to promote the use of the census and geodemographic information. It works with the ONS and others to represent the needs of research.

MRS plans to submit a combined sector response to the ONS consultation, and the CGG has invited businesses to take part.

“We are actively encouraging all organisations to complete their own responses if they wish to do so. The more voices, the stronger the message will be from the sector. However, MRS will also be submitting a combined and detailed response in our commitment to representing the needs of the sector,” the CGG said in an email newsletter.

Organisations are invited to state the business case for census data that they deem essential to the sustainability of their business.

The Census and GeoDems Group has also urged the sector to share feedback on the data they would want to access ‘in an ideal world’.

Businesses can register their interest to participate by emailing by 31st August.

Information on the consultation and proposals can be found on the ONS website.