NEWS7 November 2023

Research agency Electrify Research established

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UK – Former YouthSight chief executive Ben Marks has launched Electrify Research, with a focus on tracking the attitudes of homeowners towards home electrification.

ben marks

Marks (pictured) founded YouthSight in 2004 and sold the business to Savanta in 2021. He left Savanta a year later.

Electrify Research offers an international quarterly tracking survey, aimed at helping organisations involved in the energy transition. The survey tracks views and intentions of homeowners in relation to topics including home heating, insulation, rooftop solar power and car ownership.

Electrify’s survey started in June 2023 and has completed two waves to date. It also compares markets, with subscribers able to access a dashboard allowing them to compare the views of homeowners in the UK, US, France and Germany.

Marks said: “The fully electric home is going to happen whether we like it or not: it’s no longer ‘if’, but ‘when’. To have even a chance of remaining close to the Paris Agreement climate goals, homeowners will need to start tapering down their use of hydrocarbons now, not in the 2030s or beyond. 

“The core mission of Electrify Research is to help accelerate home electrification. The data we collect and analyse will help policymakers, policy influencers, marketers and others to understand how homeowner attitudes impact domestic electrification: who will be willing to change what they will change to, how, when, why, and crucially, why not? Understanding the views of homeowners is critical to an accelerated transition.”