NEWS24 January 2023

Report highlights ‘democratisation’ of research in product teams

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US – The majority of product divisions have at least one dedicated user experience (UX) researcher, and most report that their company has a democratised research culture, according to a study from UX research platform Maze.

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The survey found that 82% of product organisations within companies have at least one dedicated UX researcher.

Additionally, 64% of respondents reported that their organisation has a democratised research culture – meaning that researchers, designers, product managers, and marketers conduct research.

The findings from the Continuous Research Report 2023 are based on a survey Maze ran in partnership with Atlassian between June and July 2022, collecting responses from 603 professionals with experience conducting research within product organisations, including researchers, designers and product managers.

The majority of product professionals who completed the survey ( 83%) agreed that research should be conducted at each stage of the product development process, and 60% agreed that recommendations from research findings inspire ‘new product opportunities’.

Additionally, 77% of respondents said they conduct a new research study ‘at least monthly’. However, 78% of respondents think that their company doesn’t conduct enough research or could do more studies.

The survey also included a question asking respondents to rate how effective research is in determining decision-making, on a scale of ‘not at all effective’ ( 1 ) to ‘extremely effective’ ( 5 ).

Product teams who conducted research weekly or daily reported more effective decision-making (an effectiveness score of 3.65 ) compared with product teams who conduct research quarterly or yearly (an effectiveness score of 3.24 ).