NEWS27 September 2013

Rentrak to provide metrics to Wisconsin stations

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US — Lin Media has signed up Rentrak on a multi-year contract to supply TV ratings for two Wisconsin stations.

WLUK-TV and WCWF-TV will use Rentrak’s local TV ratings currency, including the match of viewing to automotive purchase information and “in-market” affinity insights, as well as political segmentations.

With the metrics, the stations plan to sell inventory more effectively by quantifying not only the true size of audiences across all dayparts and programs, but also by demonstrating the value and ROI that the stations provide to their agency and direct advertising clients.

“Rentrak has over 75,000 households in Green Bay and their passive measurement gives us a far more reliable understanding of how audiences really behave,” said Scott Blumenthal, LIN Media’s executive vice president television. “With Rentrak’s 24/7/365 measurement, we look forward to selling with a more realistic and representative view of the marketplace.”