NEWS19 September 2014

Referendum fallout on Scottish MPs voting on English laws

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UK — Half of Britons ( 54%) supported the idea of not allowing Scottish MPs in Westminster to vote on issues that don’t affect Scotland, according to a poll taken ahead of yesterday’s referendum.

The ComRes polling for ITV News also found that two in five Britons ( 40%) support setting up an English Parliament for only English MPs, with 33% opposing it. The poll also showed that around half ( 48%) of Britons support giving more decision making powers to big cities and regions in England and Wales ( 25% opposed it).

Tom Mludzinski, head of political polling at ComRes said: “While Scotland has answered one question, many more are now being asked around the UK. The impact of giving Scotland greater decision making powers has pushed the West Lothian question and further devolution up the political agenda and there is public support for a change to the status quo.”  

ComRes interviewed 2,052 British adults online between 12th and 14th September 2014. Data was weighted to be representative of all GB adults aged 18+.