NEWS5 February 2010

Recall woes prompt Toyota pledge to improve customer feedback loop

Asia Pacific

JAPAN— Toyota has pledged to improve its customer research capabilities in light of a mass recall of cars over fears that accelerator pedals on certain models can get stuck.

At a press conference today president Akio Toyoda (pictured) said the company intended to enhance its customer information research offices in each region to collect feedback on product issues faster as part of a six-point action plan designed to restore trust and improve quality in the manfacturing process.

The discovery of the accelerator problem prompted Toyota to recall millions of cars in the US, Europe and China, though the company insists that only a small proportion of vehicles are affected.

Full details of the recall and Toyota’s Global Quality Task Force action plan can be found online here.



15 years ago

At least they are putting their hands up and putting it right.

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14 years ago

I have had no problem with the accelerator. I think that it was because I bought the floor mats from Toyota and not from some make fit all car mats Thank You the Prius is an exceptional car. Thank you Al King

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