NEWS27 June 2023

Radiocentre to expand into podcasts and streaming

Media News UK

UK – UK commercial radio industry body Radiocentre has increased its remit to include podcasts and on-demand streaming services.


In a new action plan to make the UK a world leader in radio and audio, Radiocentre said it would expand its remit to promote all forms of audio owned and operated by commercial radio broadcasters.

Other recommendations in the action plan also include making sure the media bill currently working through parliament introduces measures such as supporting access to UK radio on devices such as smart speakers.

Clear requirements to enshrine local news and information on commercial radio services and to update the rules on terms and conditions in radio advertisements to support consumer protection and boost economic activity are also proposed in Radiocentre’s action plan.

The action plan also calls for the upcoming mid-term review of the BBC Charter to reaffirm the importance of distinct BBC radio services, implemented through robust external regulation by Ofcom.

Matt Payton, chief executive at Radiocentre, said: “Audiences are at record levels and advertising income has risen to new heights while the choice and variety of content has never been greater.

“With the right conditions this great British success story will remain strong for many years to come and as the industry body we aim to do everything we can to support it.  

“We hope our action plan will help secure the future for all forms of audio owned and operated by commercial radio broadcasters.”