NEWS4 September 2023

Radiocentre publishes audio campaign tool

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UK – Audio industry body Radiocentre has released a free online tool to help brand plan audio campaigns.


The tool, called Audio Needs-states Navigator, will provide media planners with tailored access to audience insight using data from Radiocentre’s Generation Audio project and to download data for client presentations.

Generation Audio, published last year, used qualitative and quantitative research to examine listening behaviour across commercial audio media and opportunities for advertisers in the medium.

The tool also includes details about the data it uses, explores implications for audio planning, links to other relevant research or tools and features an FAQs section.

Mark Barber, planning director Radiocentre, said: “By placing people and their reasons-for-listening at its heart, we hope this new tool will encourage media strategists to progress beyond just standard demographic targeting and adopt a more sophisticated need-states-based approach to audio planning.

“When combined with aligned creative strategies, for example mood and/or situational congruence, the evidence suggests that such approaches can significantly enhance overall campaign performance.”