NEWS11 January 2022

Quantilope introduces unlimited paid time off for employees

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EUROPE/UK/US – Software company Quantilope is to allow all its employees worldwide to take unlimited paid leave.

An out-of-office note on desk representing annual leave

With the new time off policy, the company aims to further strengthen flexible working hours and its trust-based corporate culture. Both full and part-time employees will be able to take as much paid time off as they like.

The Hamburg-based company has been focusing on flexible working hours since its foundation in 2014. Now, the international tech employer is going one step further in the timing of working hours and time off, adding an unlimited amount of time off to its existing leave policies in all countries.

The new internal leave policy is based on Quantilope’s global corporate values of commitment, openness, doer and Empowerment (CODE).

Founded in Germany in 2014, Quantilope currently employs more than 200 people at locations in Germany, the UK, the US and Lithuania.

“We are convinced that our teams can achieve the best results when living a personal work-life balance and feeling happy at work,” explains Dr Peter Aschmoneit, chief executive and co-founder of Quantilope.

“With our insights automation platform, we are thought leaders for innovative, cutting-edge insights technology. As an employer, we equally consider [ourselves to be] a pioneer for a new, modern working world, sustainably fostering productivity, health and employee satisfaction.”