NEWS12 June 2013

Purpose and neuroscientist form neuro-design lab

New business UK

UK — Brand consultancy Purpose has teamed up with neuroscientist Dr Beau Lotto to created a neuro-design lab.

Called Beautiful Mind, the labs aims to understand perception and apply it to create “transformational experiences” as well as producing its own products, services and experiences through combining neuroscience, behavioural science and design thinking to brands.

Clients will be offered delivered talks, workshops and primary research programmes that can be accessed individually or together to form insight into customers.

Lotto (pictured on the left with Purpose director Stuart Youngs) said: “While uncertainty is a complete anathema to human nature, Beautiful Mind, through its original research and insights into human perception and behaviour, can create the physical and emotional space for businesses to ask difficult questions that challenge certainties and thereby provide answers that offer the greatest potential for innovation.”