NEWS14 January 2016

Purina’s Puppyhood ad most emotive in BrainJuicer’s ranking

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GLOBAL – Research agency BrainJuicer has released its 2015 Global FeelMore50 annual list of the world’s best ads with Purina’s online-only video Puppyhood coming out on top.


The ranking is based on BrainJuicer’s Ad Testing methodology and tests more than 500 of the most acclaimed, viral and award-winning ads with a 1 to 5-star rating. The higher the rating, the more likely the ad is to create long-term business benefits.

Puppyhood is a gently humorous story of a man bonding with a puppy; it scored exceptionally high on Happiness in BrainJuicer’s emotional metrics and the agency said it was the most emotional video it had ever tested for FeelMore50.

The second and third best ads in the 2015 list focused on older people. Milka’s ‘Most Tender Selfies’ persuades older couples to take their first selfie and Dtac’s ‘How Your Parents Fell in Love’ involves parents telling their romantic stories to camera.

John Kearon, founder and CEO of BrainJuicer, said: “In the search for fame, feeling and fluency, emotional communication remains a brand’s biggest asset. When it comes to feeling, video is king, and online video lets agencies tell longer, stronger stories.”