NEWS4 June 2024

Public optimistic about AI in market research, study finds

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UK – There is a large amount of optimism in the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in market research but concerns exist around security, ethics and privacy, according to research from Strat7 Researchbods.

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The research, which involved an online survey of 1,500 UK consumers, showed there was a positive net score of 31 for consumers’ attitudes to the use of AI in market research.

Among 18 to 44-year-olds, the net positive score rose to 37, the research added, and both men and women had positive views of AI in market research, at 33 and 29 respectively.

However, consumers said they were concerned about privacy, security and the ethical use of AI.

The top issue highlighted in the research was the risks of data breaches and the potential for external manipulation, as well as AI’s limited ability to fully understand human emotions and cultural contexts, and fears of AI replacing human input in market research entirely.

Respondents also highlighted several benefits to using AI in market research, including better targeting and efficiency in survey participation; more dynamic and responsive survey designs; and advanced data analysis capabilities leading to quicker and more accurate insights.

Strat7 Researchbods has expereince in the use of AI in research, with the company releasing an AI survey chatbot in April this year to help users gain insights on open-ended questions.

Sarah Askew, innovation director at Strat7 Researchbods, said: “Our research shows that participants feel positively about the potential for AI to enhance market research, but concerns need to be allayed.

“Market researchers need to be transparent about how and where AI is being used and how the security of data and avoidance of bias have been considered. Participants need reassurance that their views – as humans – will always be important, and that AI models, and the data they collect, are safe.”