NEWS1 November 2023

Proximic by Comscore partners with Cadent

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US – Television advertising tool provider Cadent and audience and content targeting business Proximic by Comscore have agreed a partnership.

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The two companies will first integrate Proximic by Comscore’s ID-based audience suite into Cadent Aperture Platform this autumn, with a later second phase of the partnership seeing Proximic by Comscore’s Predictive Audiences and content targeting tools integrated into Cadent’s Aperture Converged TV DSP.

The partnership will allow users to plan, target, activate and measure campaigns and will help provide ID-free and ID-based audience targeting across linear and advanced television.

Lee Blickstein, vice-president of targeting solutions at Proximic by Comscore, said: “With more than 5,000 advertising clients already relying on Proximic by Comscore’s privacy-compliant, ID-free audience targeting to complement their traditional behavioural targeting solutions, we’re excited to partner with Cadent to continue building on this strong adoption.

“This integration allows us to open the door for more advertisers and marketers to achieve added reach while remaining focused on performance.”

Tony Yi, executive vice-president, business development and general manager, platform sales at Cadent, said: “Cadent Aperture Platform is built to unify the fragmented data ecosystem of converged television, a challenge that any advertiser that needs to target across households and devices faces.

“By integrating Proximic by Comscore, we are enabling holistic targeting and measurement with their syndicated and custom audience segments.”