NEWS7 July 2022

Prodege acquires Germany-based BitBurst

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US – Marketing and consumer insights platform Prodege has acquired BitBurst, a technology-based market research company that connects millions of targeted respondents with surveys every year.

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This acquisition further expands Prodege’s international supply base, making it easier for clients to access millions of consumers’ opinions in an agile manner.

Founded in 2015, BitBurst’s rapid growth has been driven by its proprietary technology solution, which powers its Poll Pay and other apps. BitBurst’s seamless integration provides additional reach for clients and, by joining Prodege, is said to offer an immediate incremental benefit for both brands.

“As Prodege continues to put our client experience and access at the forefront, this acquisition is an exciting addition to the family”, commented Prodege chief executive and chairman Chuck Davis.

“We are very impressed by BitBurst’s proven track record of building a world-class technology that accelerates access to a global audience.”

BitBurst chief executive and founder Jan Asbach added: “Innovative strength has always been a hallmark of BitBurst, so we’re pleased to join Prodege and continue to build and implement new ideas for the dynamic consumer insights market.

“Together we’re aligned to accelerate our path and prioritise building upon the agile research ecosystem as new leaders joining the Prodege team.”