NEWS2 July 2009

Predictive analytics – what Next?

Technology UK

UK— Clothing retailer Next has signed up to use predicitive analytics technology from MR software firm SPSS in an effort to boost online marketing effectiveness.

The company will use the data-mining tools to analyse customer behaviour to help it produce more relevant content.

“Online sales is a highly competitive space, and customer retention and conversion is a tough challenge for any business,” said Colin Shearer, SPSS’s senior vice president of strategic analytics.

“Using our technology, Next is able to extract intelligent information about its customers and use this to proactively adapt its approach to internet-based channels.”

  • In other news, SPSS is offering users of its Text Analytics software access to on-demand translation services through a partnership with Language Weaver, which makes automated translation technology.


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15 years ago

I still don't see how measured behavioral trends is a reliable predictor. The past may be repeated for a while into the future, but step changes surely cannot be predicted by software ... can they? Hmmm ... The proof will be in the pudding - i.e. if Next renews the contract when the current one expires!

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