NEWS17 December 2012

Populus sees 2012 annual revenues up 38%

Financials UK

UK — Populus Group has reported an annual revenue lift of 38% for the year to March 2012 to just over £3m, compared to the consolidated operating figures for the previous 12 months.

The group says it has benefited from increased takeup of its recently launched Populus Data Solutions online and CATI field and tab operation, which reported revenue of £3,027,157 in its first full year of operation.

Overall, the company said that group consolidated operating profit in the year was £797,132. Michael Simmonds, Populus’s managing director, said: “The last financial year saw strong revenue and profit growth in all areas of the business. We successfully established our consumer omnibus and strengthened our offer on the customer and consumer side of the business.

“Populus’s stakeholder and reputation research continued to grow strongly providing valuable and valued insight to an increased number of clients. We see significant opportunities for further growth in coming years. Patrick Diamond has quickly established Populus Data Solutions as a respected provider of high quality online and CATI data and excellent client service to a rapidly growing client base.”

Rita Clifton, Populus’s chairman (pictured), added: “These figures mark an important step in the process of building a group with the generation of evidence at its heart and which provides intelligent and insightful research and consultancy for our clients”.