NEWS7 February 2013

Polk deal links car owners to ad exposure at InsightExpress

Data analytics North America

US — InsightExpress is teaming up with automotive data firm Polk to match its Ignite Auto data on consumers’ exposure to car ads with Polk’s database of vehicle registrations.


The combined respondent profile “reveals an online campaign’s true impact, from ad exposure and brand attitudes to actual purchase behaviour,” the company said.

Panel members within the Ignite Network can then be surveyed to reveal aspects of their relationships towards car makes and models. InsightExpress gives the example of a car manufacturer who wants to survey owners of SUVs to see how a campaign for their new model affected key branding metrics.

Meridee Alter, media director at ad agency RPA, said: “By providing highly controlled sample recruitment and a long view of how consumer attitudes and behaviours intersect, Ignite Auto will advance advertising effectiveness research.”


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