NEWS15 December 2021

Podcast listeners twice as likely to use food delivery services

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US – Podcast listeners are more likely to request food delivery services, including meal kit services and restaurant and grocery delivery, according to data recently released by Nielsen.

Food delivery Nielsen-crop

The New York-headquartered market measurement firm’s latest Podcast Listening Buying Power study reveals that the proportion of podcast listeners using restaurant and grocery delivery is almost double the number of non-listeners and almost 2.5 times more for people who use meal delivery kits.

The broadening of the podcast audience combined with a rise in at-home listening speaks to a notable shift from who the typical podcast listener was five years ago, where they listened and how often, says Nielsen. Today, 50% of podcast listening happens at home, up 10% from just three years ago.

The ubiquity of technology and app usage has escalated the interest in food delivery, which has increased substantially in the past six months. Restaurant delivery has grown 3.7%, grocery delivery by 3% and food kit delivery has gained 1.2% in the past six months.

When it comes to podcast listening genres, the kids and family category is the top genre of those who use grocery delivery services. For listeners who use meal kit delivery services, it’s TV and film podcasts. True crime fans, meanwhile, prefer restaurant delivery services as their first choice. 

Nielsen’s study provides insights about the podcast audience across 18 genres and more than 2,000 consumer categories. The genres feature advertisers across an array of industries, with specific brands such as insurance companies, automotive, quick-service restaurants and home improvement retailers.