NEWS17 September 2013

Placed launches location tool for mobile advertisers

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US — Location driven insights firm Placed has launched a tool that tells mobile advertisers where their customers are.

Utilising 20bn continuously measured locations Placed Targeting sends notifications to tell advertisers exactly which places their audiences go to the most in the real world.

Traditionally, standard geo-fencing targets consumers who are in the proximity of a store but Placed Targeting uses Placed Insights, which measures more than 100m locations a day across more than 100,000 U.S. users who have opted-in to share their location, and then send that information to advertisers (see below)


Placed is partnering with location-based platform Verve for the launch and will be available to the latter’s client base.

Founder and CEO of Placed David Shim said: “Proximity is just one tactic when it comes to mobile advertising. Placed Targeting brings lookalike modelling to location-based advertising, proactively reaching audiences throughout the real world versus waiting on proximity.”


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11 years ago

All of this location based and location sharing technology is honestly starting to freak me out a bit. I started using Life360 a few months ago, and I absolutely love it, but the location sharing does bug me a bit, and now to know that marketers are getting in on the action too! There is some really great tech out there but I'm getting more and more concerned about my privacy.

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