NEWS16 May 2011

Philips research chief Federico Trovato joins BrainJuicer

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US— BrainJuicer has hired Federico Trovato, former head of consumer and market intelligence at Philips’ consumer lifestyle division, as its chief client satisfaction officer.

As well as working at Philips, Trovato (pictured) has had spells at Procter & Gamble and as a vice president at Nielsen Bases.

Among other things he will be responsible for leading the firm’s new SatisTraction product, which uses BrainJuicer’s FaceTrace tool to measure emotions and gauge customer and employee satisfaction.

BrainJuicer founder and CEO John Kearon said Trovato is “a hugely talented researcher and leader who together with his great team at Philips, transformed the role of research inside the company, to become a strategic partner in the innovation process”.

Trovato added that he decided to join BrainJuicer after working with the agency “for many years” and seeing its research work first hand.