NEWS24 January 2020

Phebi launches voice survey technology

AI Mobile News UK

UK – Voice technology company Phebi has launched Phebi Insight, a voice recognition software designed for survey research.

The technology is used to give participants the option to respond to surveys using voice, and can also analyse sentiment and detect emotion in spoken responses.

Using voice technology and artificial intelligence, the tool assigns responses with an ‘emotion score’ and can also ‘categorise respondents’ according to age or gender. The company claims the tool offers an improved user experience and higher completion rates.

Founded in 2018, Phebi was co-founded by Mike Page, formerly head of operations at Synovate, head of research technology at Research International and founder of Cognicient (sold in 2014 ).

Chief executive Page said: “When people talk instead of type they give longer, more in-depth responses, especially on mobile. Since voice communication requires less effort, it conveys more nuanced, unfiltered and emotional responses and, in addition to accurately capturing voiced responses, Phebi Insight can analyse sentiment and detect emotion.”