NEWS25 April 2023

Phebi adds generative AI tool to platform

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UK – Behavioural science and artificial intelligence (AI) business Phebi.AI has launched a generative AI element to its research platform.

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Phebi.AI will use generative AI to help summarise and enable additional interaction with research results, including AI-generated summaries of what people say in audio and videos collected during research projects.

The material that the generative AI could analyse include survey research, in-depth interviews, audio recorded at call centres, posts on brand-specific, community and social media websites.

The tool also provides opportunities to further explore responses along with original recordings and scores of people’s underlying non-conscious emotions.

Mike Page, co-founder and chief executive at Phebi.AI, said: “Until now, it’s been next to impossible to quickly get meaningful summaries of large data sets, especially those common to qual and customer experience work.

“The industry is the early days of how generative AI will be used in research. We’re also laying the groundwork for using it in additional ways that deliver value that matters to researchers and are looking forward to working with our customers to identify how to best do that.”