NEWS20 April 2011

Pepsi to track ad performance through IntoNow app

North America Technology

US— Pepsi has struck a deal with the makers of iPhone app IntoNow to track how many consumers try the PepsiMax brand after seeing its new TV commercial.

The IntoNow app was launched earlier this year and listens to and identifies television content before posting an update on the user’s social media profiles telling friends what they are watching.

Under the deal with Pepsi, any IntoNow user whose phone tags them watching the new PepsiMax advert will be sent a coupon for a free bottle.

Pepsi will then be able to match which viewers have used their coupon through a handset’s serial number and determine who ends up trying the product after seeing the commercial.

The deal with Pepsi is the first tie up IntoNow has agreed to track TV commercials, but the firm’s CEO Adam Cahan said that it is in talks with other potential clients to form similar partnerships.