NEWS26 February 2013

Pending Nielsen buyout puts dent in Arbitron income

Financials North America

US — The pending sale of Arbitron to Nielsen has put a dent in the radio ratings firm’s income for the fourth quarter of 2012.

Arbitron reported late yesterday that net income for Q4 2012 was $13.4m compared with $14.7m in 2011. Profits were impacted by $5.2m in consulting, legal and other expenses related to the upcoming takeover.

However, revenue increased by 3.8% in Q4 2012 to $124.7m, while full-year sales climbed 6.5% to $449.9m.

Net income for the full year increased 6.8% to $56.9m.

Arbitron president and CEO Sean Creamer said: “In 2012, we maintained our focus on long-standing objectives: continued growth in our core revenue, improving margins while aggressively investing in the quality of our radio ratings services, and entry into new markets such as digital radio, cross-platform, and mobile.”