NEWS3 November 2011

Peanut Labs builds its own DIY offering

North America Technology

US— Social media sample provider Peanut Labs, part of online fieldwork group e-Rewards, is the latest company to come to market with a DIY survey tool, called

The survey design software links with the company’s network of social media and gaming sites to source respondents from a pool of over 50m web users.

As with competitors, including SurveyMonkey and uSamp’s recently launched SurveyBuilder, SurveyTool offers a range of price plans, starting with a cut-down free option up to the full enterprise-level package. Companies already using it include Cisco, GigaOm, IBM and Accenture.

Peanut Labs CEO Noman Ali said: “According to Cambiar, DIY research spending is estimated to be $700-$800m worldwide, and this industry will only continue to increase with the growing acceptance of DIY research tools within the market research industry.”



13 years ago

Hope it will be a leading star company in online Suryey Industry helpfull both for the manufactuers to get awareness of thier products to millions of users and for the users to have complete knowledge and choice about the best products in the market. Well done Peanut Labs, wishing you all the best. Muhabbet Ali

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13 years ago

Good Luck with the new tool. This looks very promising

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