NEWS5 August 2009

Passenger Focus renewing research roster

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UK— Passenger Focus, the national passenger watchdog, is looking for between eight and 24 agencies to join its market research roster.

The organisation, which is an official statistics provider, carries out ad hoc research into public transport as well as the flagship National Passenger Survey and Bus Passenger Satisfaction Survey. Between 2008 and 2009 Passenger Focus said it spoke to 83,000 consumers and published 14 research reports.

Looking ahead to 2009-10, it said, it is planning to gauge the opinion of 100,000 passengers. Head of research Janet Cardell (pictured) said: “Passenger Focus is a research-based organisation, using passenger research to drive change for passengers. This research framework will help ensure we have high-calibre agencies delivering the highest standard of research for the benefit of passengers.”

Agencies that make the roster will stay on it for a period of between three and four years, with a performance review midway through the contract.

Details of how to apply to join the framework can be found here. Applicants must first register with the site, then navigate to the ‘Vault’ section and input the Tender Acces Code (TAC) 04T256674.



14 years ago

I'd be delighted to apply to join the Passenger Focus framework and I've followed the instruction to register with the site, but it won't allow me even to look at the framework ITT unless I promise to cough up the best part of £1,000. I can't even check to see if the Passenger Focus framework needs the services I can offer and therefore judge if it's appropriate for me to apply. This is outrageous. How does this serve Passenger Focus? I thought the UK had outlawed the abhorrent practice of doing business in exchange for backhanders. Does Passenger Focus know this is how the system they've linked themselves to works? I bet not.

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14 years ago

We received the following response from Passenger Focus this afternoon following concerns raised in an earlier comment: "We apologise for any inconvenience recently caused in registering on the Delta system. The Tender Access Code (TAC) is 04T256674. "By no means are we expecting potential suppliers to pay for their submission and we have asked Delta helpdesk to investigate into this matter. "Please contact us (0300 123 0860) or the Delta helpdesk (0845 2 70 70 50) if you have any further problems." We have updated our story with additional information to help those agencies who are keen to tender for this contract. Brian Tarran News Editor

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