NEWS5 February 2015

Partnership to promote disabled research participants

News UK

UK — Specialist job board for disabled people Evenbreak has joined forces with market research recruitment company Saros to encourage more disabled people to get involved with market research projects.


By working with Evenbreak, Saros will tap into a pool of people that it might not reach by traditional means. And this is not just about recruiting for projects where the viewpoint of disabled people is specifically required, Saros want to see more people with disabilities taking part in all of its events. 

Maya Middlemiss, managing director of Saros said: “If we recruit a focus group of 10 people, then statistically there should be at least one disabled person present – and even allowing for the vast number of hidden conditions, this does not reflect our reality.”

Saros said there are clear benefits to involving more disabled participants; disabled people have to cope daily with a world not designed for their needs, and are among the most creative and resourceful – qualities that researchers always value in their participants.