NEWS28 April 2014

Papa John’s looks to pizza boxes to deliver respondents

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UK — Franchise pizza chain Papa John’s is partnering with customer feedback firm Rant and Rave on a new customer experience survey activated via pizza boxes.


The new initiative, which rolls out across the UK today, invites customers to share their thoughts on their pizza via a QR code, or text code printed on the delivery box.

Recipients will be able to score their overall experience, as well as providing details in their own words. There’s also a website feedback component, administered via a widget, which is designed to capture feedback data from web users who visit the site but don’t make a purchase.

The country-wide launch follows a trial run of the system in eight stores across London and the south east. Papa John’s has 248 stores across the UK.

Andrew Gallagher, senior director of marketing at Papa John’s, said: “We’ve been really impressed by the results we’ve had so far; with a brilliant response rate showing that our customers are ready and willing to share their thoughts. Of course we’re also learning where we get things wrong too. A peak in comments about delayed deliveries is a good indicator of where we may need to address staffing levels, just in the same way an increase in negative comments following a change to our menu could lead us to rethink our decision.”