NEWS12 July 2017

Panoply Media picks Nielsen for podcast ad targeting

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US – Premium podcasting company Panoply Media has selected Nielsen Data Management Platform (DMP) to introduce the first audience targeted podcast marketing as part of its Megaphone Targeted Marketplace.

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For the first time, podcast advertisers can use Nielsen’s consumer insights and audience segmentation to run tailored podcast campaigns.

According to Panoply’s 2016 Annual Audience Survey, half of all listeners report buying products advertised on podcasts. 

The Nielsen DMP allows Panoply to anonymously connect listeners to all of their devices and their households, as well as offering audience data on listener interests, demo-, geo- and psychographics, the media they consume, and their online and mobile behaviour. 

Jason Cox, Panoply’s CTO, said: "Apple will soon be providing an unprecedented look at the behaviour of podcast listeners, including when they skip ads and stop listening to episodes.

"That makes our work with Nielsen a crucial tool for creators and advertisers. The Panoply Megaphone Targeted Marketplace will now be able to build detailed, anonymised profiles of listeners across a wide range of shows."