NEWS27 February 2024

OzTAM and Ipsos agree BVOD integration

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AUSTRALIA – Ipsos has partnered with Australian television measurement body OzTAM on cross-channel audience measurement, with broadcaster video on demand (BVOD) metrics integrated into Ipsos Iris.

Sydney, Australia

The integration with Ipsos Iris, which provides cross-device deduplication using an 8,000-strong, single-source multi-device panel, will allow free-to-air TV networks to provide audience sizing for their digital video and media assets in a trusted currency environment.

Ther partnership, which also includes the IAB, will also allow media planners to combine and compare BVOD audiences across devices, including connected television sets (CTVs).

Media owners and agencies will be able to view the incremental reach of BVOD audiences when added to web and app audiences across all devices in the Ipsos Iris platform.

Direct comparisons of audience profiles across all devices and content genres for BVOD audiences, compared to both web and app audiences, will also be supported.

OzTAM’s BVOD data is sourced from OzTAM Video Player Measurement service, which is Australia’s official measurement for BVOD content and has more than 16 million connected devices measured daily.

As part of the immediate expansion of video measurement, Ipsos Iris is now releasing audience data for video viewing on websites tagged by the platform.

Simon Wake, chief executive at Ipsos Australia and New Zealand, said: “We are thrilled to partner with OzTAM to deliver a unique set of audience data that enhances the utility of Ipsos Iris for cross-channel planning and commercial insights.

“Ipsos has a global reputation for delivering innovation, and this audience data set is an important and world-leading development in audience measurement.”

OzTAM chief executive Karen Halligan added: “OzTAM is pleased to collaborate with the IAB and Ipsos in defining the Australian video viewing landscape. Partnering with Ipsos to deliver this important new dataset for the media industry further cements OzTAM as the unique, official, and independent market measure for BVOD viewing in Australia.”

IAB Australia chief executive Gai LeRoy said: “Industry-standard, cross-media audience data is vital to advertisers and agencies requiring both accountability and ways to evaluate opportunities consistently across media.

“Common standards within Ipsos Iris and OzTAM for robust, transparent and independent data have set the benchmark for successful cross-media measurement.”