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NEWS28 June 2016

Over a third of UK consumers feel misunderstood by brands

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UK — Perfume companies, women’s clothing brands and gaming companies are the worst offenders when it comes to misunderstanding customers, according to new research. 

A study led by Attest, which specialises in analytics, consumer insights and market research, has revealed that over a third of UK consumers feel ‘misunderstood’ by brands.

The worst offenders — with regard to wrongly estimating their customers’ spending habits and desires — are perfume companies ( 26% ranked this sector first), women’s clothing brands ( 23% ranked this first) and gaming companies ( 19% ranked this first). Insurance companies ( 17%) and makeup brands ( 10%) made up the rest of the top five. 

The findings are based on a survey of 2,000 UK adults aged 18-75. 

Those surveyed were also asked if they felt brands often resorted to using stereotypes to appeal to consumers, and 92% felt they did. Twenty three per cent apparently felt alienated by this use of stereotypes. 

“Until very recently, it’s been quite difficult for brands to actively and regularly engage with their most valued customers, across every demographic and range of preferences," said Jeremy King, CEO of Attest.

"Everyone is different, and even based on this simple piece of research, it’s worrying how many consumers feel misunderstood and that brands aren’t listening to them."