NEWS9 December 2009

OTX launches film and TV critics panel

North America

US— OTX and MPRM Public Relations have launched a panel made up of film and television critics to provide feedback on the latest movie and TV productions.

The duo claims that the panel, called the Critical Focus Exchange, is the “first ever professional research panel that brings together media influencers to elicit their feedback”.

The panel is made up of former and current critics, who will be paid $100 per screening.

Mark Pogachefsky, co-president at MPRM, said: “Because the screening is completely confidential, the information provided can be used by clients as they see fit to support their sales, marketing or distribution needs. In short, CFX answers the age-old question ‘How will the critics respond?’”

Information gauged from the panel can be used to sell or position a film or to help producers sell a pilot episode to TV networks, the two firms said.

Kevin Goetz, president of OTX’s worldwide motion picture group, said: “For the first time, with CFX we are able to put critical opinion within the construct of qualitative research. Our goal is to deliver directional but projectable critics’ ratings reflecting nationwide media assessment backed up by numbers.”

Panel members will be asked questions such as whether they would recommend the film to readers, who their favourite character was and whether a film has the potential to win awards.


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13 years ago

Mr. Pogachefsky and Mr. Goetz-- My name is Eleanor Ringel, I am a member of the NSFC and am on your list of out-of-work critics after almost 30 years at the Atlanta Journal Constitution. Is there any way I could interest you in letting me join your group? Certainly you need a taste of the country outside NY/LA!. I'm at thanks.

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