NEWS19 February 2010

Opinion Leader tends to nurse and midwives survey task

New business UK

UK— Health advisory body the National Clinical Assessment Service (NCAS) has contracted Opinion Leader to carry out a quantitative survey of concerns around nursing and midwifery.

Opinion Leader will carry out 2,000 online interviews with a variety of stakeholders, followed by a number of face-to-face meetings with respondents.

NCAS is considering whether to launch a service to help address stakeholder concerns about the nursing and midwife professions. The research will feed into that decision and if a service is launched, the survey results will be used to help ensure relevant concerns are addressed.

Opinion Leader consultant Becky Seale said: “Having recently conducted a large project on behalf of the Prime Minister’s Commission on Nursing and Midwifery, we have a particular understanding of the current context of nursing and midwifery and are keen to apply this. We have worked with NCAS on several related pieces of work and are pleased to be continuing this relationship.”