NEWS25 July 2016

Opera Mediaworks announces fund for ‘silent’ video ads

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UK — Mobile ad platform Opera Mediaworks has launched a £1m fund for brands to create mobile video ads with little or no sound, as well as a research programme to investigate the creative principles for using sound in mobile video. 

According to the announcement, recent research from Facebook has indicated that 85% of video is being watched without sound, and separate research suggests that a large number of mobile users keep their devices set to silent for the majority of the day. This suggests that mobile videos that rely on sound are unlikely to deliver their message as widely as hoped. 

As many as 10 brands – Disney and Bose have already signed up – will benefit from the funding for these soundless videos. And in partnership with Millward Brown, the fund will also be the basis of a study to inform marketers on the creative principles for using sound in mobile video. The research will investigate if additional elements such as initial introduction screens or text captions add to engagement levels. 

Participating brands would receive an in-depth campaign report, highlighting findings. 

“By participating in our Sound & Vision fund, brands will not only benefit from funding towards media for their creative, but will receive bespoke in-depth research to help them with future campaigns," said Mark Slade, managing director for EMEA, Opera Mediaworks. 

“The findings of our study, combined with our recent Short-Form Video Fund, will offer marketers unique insight into mobile and for many brands, it will demonstrate new ways to maximise audience engagement.”