NEWS25 January 2012

Onesixtyfourth launches trend study in UK


UK— Brand strategy consultancy Onesixtyfourth has launched its trend-tracking service CultureQ in the UK.

The firm says the survey, available quarterly on a subscription basis, “captures societal and cultural changes as they happen”, identifying current issues and how they affect people’s lives and decisions.

Ongoing research is carried out with young adults, and periodically with other socio-demographic groups in the UK and US.

Onesixtyfourth founding partner Anne Bahr Thompson (pictured) said: “CultureQ is an exciting way of undertaking trend research and understanding the zeitgeist. The societal shifts we’ve seen unearthed to date from our conversations are hugely important and underpin how brands need to interact with consumers to continually adapt to our evolving world.”

The firm plans to expand the survey to Europe, Asia and Australia.