NEWS16 September 2022

One Minute to Midnight expands London team

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UK – Research business One Minute to Midnight has appointed Gloria Marfo as research assistant.

Gloria Marfo

Marfo (pictured) was recruited through the youth empowerment programme 20/20 Change and is focused on sociology and its impacts on human behaviours.

One Minute to Midnight was founded in London by Douglas Dunn and Paul Laver in 2016 and expanded to the US in 2020, with Andy Cooper heading up the New York office.

Shems Ghali, research manager at One Minute to Midnight, who led the recruitment process, said: “It’s great to have Gloria joining our London team. She brings a fresh perspective, high energy and curiosity for what makes people human.

“Starting as a research assistant, we can’t wait to see where her One Minute To Midnight Journey takes her and the impact she’ll have in the team.”

Duro Oye, head of 20/20 Change, said: “Working with the team at One Minute To Midnight has been an absolute dream; they welcomed our new ideas and approach to recruiting diverse talent and they have landed themselves a fantastic candidate as a result.

“If employers are genuine in their quest to diversify their workforce they need to be willing and daring enough to try something new. You can’t keep doing the same things, looking in the same pools and expecting a different result.”