NEWS8 April 2024

Ofcom to combine BBC and public service media trackers

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UK – Media regulator Ofcom is proposing to merge its BBC Performance and Public Service Media tracking surveys into a single tracker.

BBC Broadcasting House

The trackers collect data about audiences’ views on the BBC’s performance and their perceptions and attitudes towards public service broadcasters.

Given the similarities of both surveys both in terms of objectives and content, Ofcom said it was confident that merging both surveys will continue to help it capture an accurate and full picture of use of and attitudes towards public service media services.

Both surveys are set to continue in their current form in 2024, with a new combined survey beginning in April 2025, with the exact methodology and content of the questionnaire to be confirmed at a later date.

While some questions will remain largely similar to how they are currently asked in existing questionnaires, it is likely some other questions will be re-designed, removed or placed on more appropriate tracking surveys, as well as new questions being added in, Ofcom added.

As a result, Ofcom said it is likely the ability to look at changes in attitudes over time using longitudinal data will be impacted by any questionnaire and methodology changes, and added that it would try to minimise the impact of these changes on trend data as much as possible.

Ofcom said it is inviting comments on these proposals by 9am on Tuesday 7th May 2024. The organisation can be contacted by email at