NEWS25 February 2020

Obviously AI launches natural language ML platform

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US – Obviously AI, a no-code, natural language platform using machine  learning and analytics, has launched, designed to help non-technical business users access information and data predictions.

Machine learning abstract image

The company says that to make predictions, it uses natural language processing to break apart a question, interpret it and find the right data. It then runs hundreds of machine learning algorithms in parallel and evaluates each one for accuracy to find the right algorithm for the dataset. It identifies top attributes that impact the outcome that the user is trying to predict and delivers reports in less than a minute.

Users upload their dataset from CSV, databases or CRMs and then a Google-like search bar lets them ask a question in natural language.

Nirman Dave, co-founder and CEO, Obviously AI said: “We realised that business users cared about getting decision making insights about their customers and products. This often meant writing frustrating SQL queries and waiting on web engineers who would try to figure out machine learning algorithms. That’s why we have been on a mission to make data science effortless just by asking questions.”