NEWS8 July 2009

Obama pollster invests in new online qual technology

North America Technology

US— iModerate, the online qual services firm co-founded by President Obama’s pollster Joel Benenson, is overhauling its research platform for autumn 2009.

The company is working with Analysts International to develop new architecture, based on Microsoft’s Silverlight technology, for its Research>iMpact and Optimum!Insight offerings.

Clients of Benenson’s strategic research and consulting group, Benenson Strategy Group (BSG), are expected to use the new platform when its released.

Business partner Carl Rossow, the CEO and co-founder of iModerate and founding partner of BSG, said: “Even in a down economy, we feel it is vital to innovate by investing in technology. [It] will enable us to communicate with respondents in a more effective manner, extract more comprehensive information and provide greater accessibility to clients in terms of reporting and monitoring results.”