NEWS26 July 2010

NRS hires RSMB to fuse print and online audience data

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UK— The National Readership Survey (NRS) has its eye on developing a single-source trading currency database combining print readership and online audience information.

It has hired RSMB to conduct a test fusion of NRS data with data produced by the UKOM/Nielsen online audience measurement system.

The test will run for six months, and is “an intrinsic part of transforming the NRS into a full communication survey, not just one focused on readership”, said NRS chief Mike Ironside.

If successful and approved by the NRS and its stakeholders, Ironside said: “The advertising industry will be provided, on a continuous basis, with a trading and planning application giving a single-screen solution to combine coverage and frequency for both print and online audiences.”

Nielsen commercial director Ben Mein said the tie-up “is welcome news for planners and publishers who want to know the elusive combined readership number across print and online”.

RSMB was appointed to run the test following presentations to the NRS board by Nielsen, Ipsos Mori (the NRS survey contractor) and RSMB itself.

The media research agency, which is also a contractor on the Barb TV audience measurement service, currently handles the data fusion part of the Institute for Practitioners in Advertising’s Touchpoints project, bringing together media usage data with ratings from each of the main media planning currencies to create a multimedia planning database.

RSMB is currently updating the database following the release of the third wave of Touchpoints survey data.