NEWS29 October 2018

Nielsen’s TV panel updated to identify LGBTQ audiences

Media News North America

US – Nielsen has announced it is expanding its reporting to identify same gender partners and their households as part of its commitment to better reflect demographics and households in its National TV panel.

Nielsen is working closely with LGBTQ non-government media monitoring organisation, Glaad, to determine the best approaches for reflecting LGBTQ inclusion and representation in its panels, including evaluating recruiting and classification techniques that help better identify same-gender spouses and unmarried partner households to participate in Nielsen’s nationally representative panel.

Brian Fuhrer, senior vice-president of product leadership at Nielsen, said: “Diversity and inclusion are a business imperative for Nielsen. This enhancement will help both programmers and marketers gain LGBTQ audience insights.”

Sarah Kate Ellis, president & CEO of Glaad, added: “We are at the highest levels ever reported for LGBTQ inclusion on television, and it’s important that we know American audiences are connecting with these characters and shows.”