NEWS20 September 2019

Nielsen’s social ratings extends to talent postings

Media News North America

US – Nielsen’s Social Content Ratings (SCR) tool has expanded to measure talent’s promotion of TV programmes across Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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This update has been possible following Instagram making creator account measurement via its Graph API possible. It will help media owners, marketers, agencies and talent understand and make decisions on their social strategies across Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

According to Nielsen’s SCR data, more than 6,000 talent accounts published over 164,000 pieces of social content for the 2018 TV season, driving 170+ million engagements for TV programmes.

Talent now drives close to 60% of all social engagement for TV programmes – more than network and programme accounts combined.

As talent has changed the ways in which they engage with fans and friends alike, Nielsen has continued to invest in enhancements to its SCR solution in an effort to help marketers keep pace with this dynamic shift in order to refine these social strategies and engage with these changing consumers.

Sean Casey, president, Nielsen Social said: " The true impact talent has on the social engagement around TV shows has always been a big blind spot. The challenge for us was crafting a methodology and technology that could determine the programme relevance of talents’ social posts at scale for the tens of thousands of actors across thousands of TV shows."