NEWS10 June 2020

Nielsen releases three virtual reality retail tools

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US – Nielsen Global Connect has launched three new virtual reality and gaming tools for the retail sector.

Retail data

Nielsen SmartStore is a virtual reality tool that will be used for in-store testing, and can evaluate multiple shelf layouts and locations, point of sale designs, promotion displays, packaging options and whole store designs.

SmartStore can also analyse shoppers’ head, eye and foot movements, as well as giving a 3D heat map of the store, shelf or aisle.

Nielsen SmartShelf provides a virtual reality shopper experience to allow companies to test scenarios without doing so physically in-store.

Nielsen SmartShopper, which will be made available in July, is a smartphone-enabled shopper marketing tool that allows product images, in-store marketing artwork and seasonal or special event ideas to be tested by shoppers in-store using interactive gaming technology.

Susan Dunn, president of US sales at Nielsen, said: “Understanding shoppers is more important than ever, and this latest launch represents the next step in our commitment to shaping a smarter market for our clients.”