NEWS28 September 2018

Nielsen releases media tech survey

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US – Nielsen has launched MediaTech Trender, a quarterly consumer tracking survey to identify people’s perceptions of emerging devices and services that are shaping media use.

The survey will be conducted among 2,000 US consumers (aged 13+) to uncover opinion and sentiment around nascent and ascending technologies, such as smart speakers, virtual reality (VR) and other new content platforms.

The company hopes the tracker will be able to offer to marketers and device manufacturers, as well as media buyers and sellers, what technologies may be poised for success and which of these may be waning.

Peter Katsingris, senior vice-president, audience insights, Nielsen, said: “Technology and media devices over the past couple of decades have seen an incredible amount of innovation, adoption and growth. Consumers are not only incredibly tech savvy – they’re voraciously plugged in.

“With so many choices of media to consume and innovative products being introduced into the marketplace, gauging consumer sentiment towards them is crucial in understanding not only what’s ‘now’ but also what’s ‘next’.”