NEWS16 March 2012

Nielsen launches NeuroFocus in China

Asia Pacific Technology

CHINA— Nielsen has launched its NeuroFocus subsidiary in China where it will carry out neurological testing for consumer research.

The firm, which Nielsen acquired fully last year after taking a smaller stake in 2008, is headed by A.K Pradeep (pictured) and has NeuroLabs testing laboratories in the UK, US, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America and the Middle East.

It uses brainwave, eye-tracking and skin conductance testing to measure consumer attention, engagement and memory retention to advertising and CPG products.

Yan Xuan, Nielsen’s president in Greater China, said: “With the power of science, we are hoping Nielsen NeuroFocus can help businesses better understand the consumer and provide more precision in its marketing efforts.”


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10 years ago

This is amazing. The fast paced Chinese Market is going to accelerate further through using Science, Kudos to Nielsen for bringing this to China !!

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