NEWS8 December 2017

Nielsen launches mobile video performance evaluation

Mobile News North America

US – Nielsen has announced the launch of Mobile Video Performance, an evaluation solution for IP-based video content delivery.

The framework has been developed for mobile operators, internet service providers, device manufacturers and content providers, and measures the impact of network performance on user experience of mobile video.

It measures streaming video quality on mobile and WiFi networks and benchmarks data across the industry. The measurement focuses on four KPIs: video resolution, startup time, rebuffering and video success rate.

Nielsen will use active and passive testing on the mobile devices of a panel of 70,000 US participants to capture data on daily consumer mobile usage, including the network speeds of popular video platforms, and the delivery and execution of content.

Mike Greenawald, senior vice-president of Nielsen Service Quality, said the results of initial testing suggest variances in the "ability to deliver high quality video content consistently".He said: "As the industry’s first solution to evaluate video performance using active and passive techniques, mobile operators will now have the advantage of translating the benefits of fast speeds into high-quality consumer experiences."