NEWS6 October 2016

Nielsen launches intercultural segmentation

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US — Nielsen has partnered with EthniFacts to launch Nielsen Intercultural Affinity Segmentation, to shed light on intercultural consumers in the US: those who think, act and buy outside their root culture.

The segmentation combines Nielsen Homescan Panel with EthniFacts’ CulturSort cross-cultural survey. From this, five new key segments based on mindset, behaviour and opportunity have been identified. These are: 

  • Monoculturals: Consumers who do not experience or participate in diverse lifestyles or tastes other than their root culture
  • Sideliners: Consumers who are aware of but generally uninvolved in diverse tastes and preferences, and often experience more opportunity and less avoidance of diverse experiences
  • Explorers: Consumers who experiment with and have tried diverse tastes and preferences on a limited basis
  • Enthusiasts: Consumers who are exposed and embrace diverse tastes and preferences. They are practicing, but not leading these experiences
  • Ambiculturals: Environment and lifestyle leaders, these consumers are considered influencers with effortless affinity to diverse tastes, preferences and high desire to share experiences with others

It is intended to help brand marketers identify and understand how a variety of cultures are influencing the spending behaviours of the intercultural consumer. 

“This groundbreaking approach to cultural segmentation helps marketers to understand the new American landscape, where a majority of the population is either multicultural or highly influenced by multicultural attitudes, products and trends,” said Aret Ratyosyan, product leader of North America Buy at Nielsen.

“This tool will empower our clients — CPG manufacturers, marketers and retailers — to stay ahead of future trends by identifying what intercultural consumers are buying today in order to create effective marketing strategies that resonate with consumers who are highly influenced by multiple cultures.”