NEWS5 January 2022

Nielsen launches CTV advertising tool

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US – Nielsen has released a connected television (CTV) tool to help advertisers better understand who is watching a television show within a household.

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‘Streaming Signals’ was created to help media buyers and sellers to measure CTV reach for more efficient advertising and to maximise advertising revenue.

Streaming Signals works by delivering a signal within 50 milliseconds to CTV operators showing who is currently streaming programme content, allowing advertisers to tailor their advertising at short notice.

The tool works alongside Nielsen’s Digital Ad Ratings, which both allow users to optimise and measure CTV reach for advertising.

Streaming Signals comes ahead of the expected launch of Nielsen One in late 2022, which aims to unify Nielsen’s audience measurement products, as part of a plan to fully transition the industry to cross-media metrics by autumn 2024.

Further tools will be released by Nielsen over the next year ahead of Nielsen One’s launch.

Ameneh Atai, general manager digital and advanced TV at Nielsen, said: “We know that the media industry is going through accelerated change, switching to a streaming-first approach, and with an audience watching programming whenever, wherever, and on a number of devices.”